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MAT837: Professional Practices Advanced Action Research Methods (Post-Bacc to MAT Pipeline Class 1)

MAT837: Professional Practices Advanced Action Research Methods (Post-Bacc to MAT Pipeline Class 1)

March 22- May 7 Online

Maximum Enrollment: 15 LBS

Course Description

MAT837: Professional Practices Advanced Action Research Methods 




This course is designed to develop a clear connection between the theory and practice of art education. PBAE Graduates engage in readings about pedagogy and andragogy, develop frameworks for evidence-based teaching and learning, implement strategies for assessing teaching and learning in creative modalities, and design curricula that incorporate a variety of instructional practices. PBAE Graduates will raise and answer questions about their own practice, using reflective action cycles that offer useful steps for positive action. Current education theory and critical issues in education will be explored and integrated into a public-facing summative portfolio or digital presentation which illustrates our PBAE Graduates as professional educators and studio-artists, complete with teaching and diversity statements, studio practice models, standards of pedagogy and andragogy, integration with any state and/or federal standards for art education unique to the PBAE Graduates’ region of employment, and a gallery of art practices. 


Tuition: $1,800



Dr. Rachel Somerville, Department Chair of MAT 

Students will earn 3 Graduate Credits



  • High speed Internet access
  • Webcam (1080 dpi) 
  • Microphone 
  • Textbook  may be required (TBD)


To register for this class please call the registrar Anne Dennison at 207.699.5054

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