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Q:Do you offer Gift Certificates?

A:Yes! You can purchase a gift certificate on our website. A digital gift certificate will automatically be sent to the designated recipient. If you'd like a physical certificate, please call or email us at 207.699.5061 or cstudy@meca.edu.


Q: Will I get a confirmation before my class starts?

A: When you register for a class, you will receive an email confirmation. This is the only confirmation you will receive.

IN-PERSON: Some, but not all, teachers will email their students a week or so before a class starts, but this doesn't always happen. Make sure to mark your calendar with the first day of class when you register so it doesn't sneak up on you! 

ONLINE: You will receive an email from your teacher a week before the start of class with the Zoom link and any other info you may need prior to the start of the course. If you have not received this link by the day before the start of class please reach out to us so we can help! cstudy@meca.edu 207.699.5061 

If a class doesn't have sufficient enrollment, we will notify you a week before the first scheduled class to let you know the class will be canceled. A full refund will be issued in this event. 


Q: How will I find my class room?

A: Maine College of Art & Design occupies two buildings: the Porteous building is the primary location, at 522 Congress Street. The second location is at 380 Cumberland Ave, just two blocks from the main building. Please note that the entrance to 380 Cumberland is actually on Casco street, through the parking lot. Once you've entered a building, a security personnel can help direct you, or your instructor will be waiting to help direct you to the classroom. There are also posters with classes and room numbers throughout both buildings. 


Q: Where can I park during class?

A: Maine College of Art & Design does not provide parking or validate parking. Some options are:

  • Street parking - the streets directly surrounding the college are metered, from 9-6pm, Monday through Saturday. If you don’t mind walking a small distance, you can park a few blocks away for unmetered street parking. A good place to start looking is Pleasant Street.

  • Parking Garages or Lots - We cannot validate any parking, but a few close options are:

    • Spring Street Parking Garage: (closest to MECA) 45 Spring St, (207) 874-2842

    • Holiday Inn Portland - By The Bay Parking (more affordable, 2 blocks away) 40 Spring St. 
    • Fore River Parking: (two blocks away) 44 Spring St. (207) 772-7716

    • Monument Square Garage: (closest to 380 Cumberland) 53 Brown St. (207) 773-2761


Q: Do I get any discounts as a Continuing Studies Student?

 A: Yes! Take a copy of your registration confirmation (the email you received after registering), and show it to the cashier at Art Mart (517 Congress Street - right across the street from MECA&D), and you'll get a 10% discount off your purchase!


Q: I'm from out of town, where should I stay in Portland?

A: The following hotels offer special rates for MECA&D students:

Holiday Inn by the Bay

88 Spring Street, Portland, ME 04101

(207) 775-2311

Call for rates. Must ask for Maine College of Art & Design special corporate rate.


Hyatt Place Portland — Old Port

433 Fore Street, Portland ME, 04101

(207) 775-1000

Call for rates. Must ask for Maine College of Art & Design special corporate rate.


Q: Where can I get coffee/breakfast/lunch while I'm at MECA&D?

 A: Portland has lots of amazing food. Here are a few places that are close to MECA&D:

  • Mr. Bagel - directly across the street from MECA&D on Congress St, get a cup of coffee, breakfast, a sandwich or salad! Open Mon-Fri, 7am-2pm

  • Otto’s - Gourmet pizza just a block away on Congress St. Get a slice to go, or dine in. Open every day, 11am-2am.

  • Public Market House - two floors with a diverse array of options. From soup to falafel or smoothies to pho, you’re sure to find something delicious! Located a few blocks down Congress St. in Monument Square. Open Mon-Sat, 8am-7pm, and Sun 10am-5pm.
Depending on the time of year, the MECA&D Cafe might be open with coffee, breakfast, and lunch options. Located on the second floor. 



Q: What do MECA&D Continuing Studies online classes look like? 

A: We offer online classes through Zoom. You will need to set up a Zoom account beforehand (free is fine!) and the instructor will send you a link to the meeting a week before the start of class. 

We do our best to make our online classes as similar of an experience to our in person classes as we can. CS and your instructor will be there for you along the way to ensure you have the help that you need throughout the course. Our courses focus on building a community within the class and giving you a positive learning environment to expand your knowledge and skills. 

Q: Do I have to show my video or speak during an online class? 

A: While we recommend you do show your video and speak when encouraged to by the instructor, video and audio participation are never mandatory. We find classes have more fun experiences when people are engaging with one another, but understand not everyone will want to do so and that's ok!

Q: What are the system requirements for taking an online class? 

A: Minimum system requirements: 

 The computer must have speakers and microphone capabilities for Zoom video conferencing. 

 Minimum OS: Mac OS X with Mac OS 10.10 and higher. Windows 7 and higher.

 Mac OS, Windows OS or Chrome OS computer with: 2.5 GHz Dual Core Intel Core i5 and higher desktop CPU.

Bandwidth Requirements: 2.0 Mbps or faster


Q: How do you define the different types of online classes that you offer?

A: Intensive: These rigorous, full-day experiences are typically one week with morning kick-off video meetings online with the Instructor to set the tone for the day, self-paced work mid-day with Instructor-demos and content, and an afternoon or evening video session to wrap up the day with the Instructor. Students should expect to spend between 6 and 8 hours daily doing self-paced work and in class meetings. 

Crash Course: These skill-building learning experiences compress weeks-long curricula into a short period of time, usually no more than 3 days. Students should expect to spend between 10 and 15 hours on content, meeting at least once a day through video meetings with the class and instructor for the duration of the course. Crash Courses typically occur over a weekend with work Friday afternoon, all day Saturday, and Sunday morning. 

Workshop: These courses focus on hands-on skill development with lots of demonstrations and opportunities to practice. They tend to be no more than 5 days long, and often run in a single day. Students can expect to spend between 2 to 6 hours each day on content, most of which will happen live in video-meetings meetings with the instructor. Meetings may be scattered throughout with a minimum of one meeting and no maximum requirement. 

Make-and-Take: This type of class is hyper-focused on developing the techniques to produce a single project. Students commit to 2 to 4 hours daily to complete a single project over 1 to 3 days, completing at least one artifact during the course. Live video-meetings are often a component of these courses.

Self-Guided Video-Based: These courses are pre-recorded, fully asynchronous courses that contain mixed media content with a heavy emphasis on video recordings of demos, instructions, and techniques. Students will receive access to their course site within 2 business days and  can work through this material at their own pace. 

Weekly: These courses typically meet for a live video-conference once weekly on the same night each week for an hour or more and run anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks long. Students use the time between weekly meetings to practice, research, process, and create, and then come together each week to discuss their work or learn a new skill. 

Weekend: These are manageably-paced courses that occur on the weekends, typically over just one weekend. These are skill-building workshops with grab-and-go skills offered at a more relaxed pace than our crash courses.

Self-Paced: A self-paced course differs from a Self-Guided Video-Based course in that it doesn’t necessarily include videos as part of the asynchronous (on your own time or “self-paced”) experience. Students will receive access to their course site within 2 business days and can complete the activities at their own speed. 

Webinar: Large-scale and live-streamed, webinars are one-stop, engaging lectures from one of MECA&D’s experts in an Art, Design, Documentary, or Art Education discipline. Registrants can join webinars in real-time to participate in the Q&A and interactive elements, and all who sign up receive a link to the recording after the webinar has taken place. 

Credit-Bearing: These are traditional, academic or studio-based MECA&D courses that bear credit toward a degree, certificate, or transfer to another institution. These courses are governed by the Academic Affairs office and taught by MECA&D professors.

Kits-for-Kids: Art kits are created by the instructor and are mailed to the students to complement a skill based video class. These are video-guided, self-paced experiences in a pretty package tied with bow. Kids of all ages (9 to 109) are invited to participate in these kits.

Scheduled Self-paced: (available for fixed time and can complete any time during the fixed period) Asynchronous content with facilitator available on request during a fixed of period of time. Possibly no live meetings 

Custom-Experience: Do you represent an organization, business, non-profit, or other type of team? Are you trying to create a unique experience for a group of people? We offer a variety of customizable experiences, such as storytelling workshops, studio socials, make-and-take, creative problem-solving, brainstorming, prototyping, “MECA&D comes to your school,” and teachers CEU workshops. Contact us for more information and a quote. 

Corporate Experiences: Courses for communities sold group-first (community can define the class content; we basically sell a course to a group of people with this model instead of to a single person). 

IP-Purchased Courses: We own the content developed by an expert. Any other expert can teach the content whenever and however we choose.


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