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SA205: Salt Institute Presents an Introduction to Visual Storytelling

SA205: Salt Institute Presents an Introduction to Visual Storytelling

11/30 - 1/6 FULLY ONLINE

Maximum Enrollment: 20 LBS

Course Description

mecasaltwfc.jpgHow do you tell a story? The art of storytelling is one of the oldest forms of narrative as people would gather around a fireplace or the family radio to hear and tell stories to one another. It was a practice of history in the making as stories become memories and memories make up histories. The modern-day story is still constructed of the same material of those campfire tales, but the media we use to deliver them—from podcasts to websites to radio to film—has evolved.

The Salt Institute of Documentary Studies brings you this introduction to documentary storytelling. In this course, students will not only learn to tell better stories but to live them and deliver them using mixed media. We will draw upon a variety of documentary practices and methods to explore the craft of storytelling and learn how to tell good stories. Students in this course will complete a final project in a mixed media storytelling format, such as an audio-based recording, photo-montage, video, website, or combination of artifacts.

Please note: This is an online, 3-credit hour class compressed into 5 weeks. Students can expect to meet in video calls between 4 and 9 hours weekly and to spend between 10 and 15 hours weekly on course work, such as readings, writing, art-making, and so on.

This course is offered fully online and will require Virtual Meetings by Video-Call. 

Virtual Meetings:

Tuesdays & Thursdays 6-9pm

This class is a virtual class only. Students will not have access to the MECA campus.  


Supplies: TBA 

No Prerequisite. Students must have at least a High School Diploma or GED 

November 30 - January 6 | FULLY ONLINE 


Registration closes on November 20th. 


Tuition: $1,280 
Transcript Fee and Review: $50
Credit: Undergraduate, 3-credit hours
Total = $1330

Studio Elective
* Students from other institutions might request this course transfer in as a journalism, creative writing, studio art, or documentary studies credit.

To Apply:

Once paid, please:

1) Return this completed Non-Matriculated Student Application  to cstudy@meca.edu with the subject line: Winter For Credit Term. 

2) Email us one of the following for acceptance into the program: GED, or HS diploma, or proof of graduation


Instructor: Joel Tsui

Joel Tsui is a three-time Maine College of Art alum (BFA ‘16, Salt ‘17, MFA ‘19). Currently, he is the Graduate Admissions Coordinator at MECA, a documentary photographer specializing in fine art archival, as well as a conceptual artist operating under the pseudonym Probably Joel. As a documentarian, his work focuses on advocating for proper documentation for artists, gallerists and museums, and he is currently writing a book about art archival and its importance in the contemporary art world.  As a conceptual artist, his work relates documentary and art through a multidisciplinary practice. His interest in art lies in observing everyday life, reflecting on gathered occurrences through artistic projects, and his work can be seen as a distilled form of visual journaling that is not defined by any single artistic practice. Joel’s works have been shown at the Camden International Film Festival, New England Graduate Media Symposium, and Center for Maine Contemporary Art Biennial. In his spare time, Joel produces music with chromatic harmonicas and analogue synthesizers, and his current pandemic hobby is building mechanical keyboards. He is also a proud owner of a 1987 Specialized Sirrus touring bicycle named Talulah.


Check out the Salt Info Session: All About the Microphones Here:

Salt Institute for Documentary Studies at Maine College of Art offers a variety of experiences for storytellers and documentarians. We host a Graduate Certificate in Documentary Studies where our students--both undergraduate and graduate students--can earn a rigorous, valuable certificate in just one semester. We also host a series of intensive workshops through our Continuing Studies program.














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