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OYP 040-F20 | Mixed Media for Middle School

OYP 040-F20 | Mixed Media for Middle School

10/3-11/7 Online

Maximum Enrollment: 0 LBS

Course Description

img-5766.jpgAre you looking for an art class where you get to try lots of different media and techniques? Mixed Media is for you! We'll try our hand at painting, pattern making, character development, collage, maybe even some simple printmaking, and combine these exercises into larger finished art pieces. Fun for any and every kind of young artist.

In this Zoom class, students will learn:

- confidence around making collage papers and collage composition.
- use of color theory to make painting decisions when desired.
- greater understanding of line and composition.
- how to speak about their own artwork in front of peers.
- a beginning background knowledge of found object art.

6 sessions
October 3 to November 7
Saturdays, 10:00 am

Registrations for this class end Wednesday September 30th at 10am. 


Tuition: $150

CEUs: n/a



Jennifer Emrich is a printmaker who holds a Master of Arts in Teaching from the Maine College of Art. She is the Arts Essentialist instructor at Breakwater School, and also teaches workshops in healthy human sexuality, anti-racist relationships and models of anti-oppression for all ages. Her own art is most often inspired by the Maine landscape, her young students' free and joyful artwork, and a “found object/image” practice. She believes that a visual arts education is a necessary kind of cultural literacy as well as a liberating form of personal expression, and that everyone can be a visual artist, not just a “talented” few.



Really need: watercolors and acrylic paints (student grade red, yellow, blue and white will do!), paintbrushes, heavy paper, pencils and sketch paper, scissors. Also great to have, in any combination: crayons and/or oil pastels, markers, colored pencils, Sharpies, small Geli plate and a simple brayer, various art or construction papers, bits and pieces of yarn, leaves, and photos of things/people/places you find inspiring

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