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OWM 010-W21 | Teaching in the Now: 15 Creative tips for the Modern Art Educator (Webinar)

OWM 010-W21 | Teaching in the Now: 15 Creative tips for the Modern Art Educator (Webinar)

April 22, 2021 Webinar

Maximum Enrollment: 50 LBS

Course Description

                                                    Lauren Ashlee Anderson Components, 2020. Acrylic yarn, earthenware clay, felt, acrylic paint, polyfill


This webinar features 15 creative teaching tips brought to you by MAT teacher candidate Lauren Anderson. As she explores the art of teaching through virtual and in person lessons, she reflects on her experience and gathers many tips and tricks along the way. From tips about managing a classroom, teaching virtually and more, join us for an enriching experience as she shares her wisdom with all. 


Date + Time:

April 22, 2021


5 pm EST


Tuition: $25

CEHs: 1.5


Are you an MAT alum? Call our office at 207.699.5061 or email cstudy@meca.edu for a $10 discount! 




Lauren Ashlee Anderson graduated from Maine College of Art in 2020 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in ceramics. She is currently a 2021 MAT teacher candidate at Maine College of Art. Her art practice focuses on the accumulation of many small components to create a larger immersive space. Her focus on installation art in her undergrad made her constantly curious about the way in which humans interact with the space and world around them. Color theory plays a large part in her work as she strives to express emotions and concepts through her use of color. Color evokes curiosity and she hopes to teach children at a young age how powerful colors are in expressing ideas and emotions. Lauren entered the MAT program with a surface level understanding of why she wants to be a teacher; to inspire and guide students in a positive way through their art making. As the program has progressed, she is delving much deeper than surface level in understanding what brought her here. She feels that art is just as important if not more important than core curriculum subjects, and she aims to prove that the arts are imperative to a child’s cognitive development. She has a strong passion for the visual world and she hopes to share that passion with her students. She strives to create a safe environment for her students at all times, and aims to be a positive resource for each individual student. Her intuition allows her to adapt to any given situation as well as allows her to push innovative ideas in both her art and teaching practices.



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