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OTPR 003-F20 | Gift Wrap Workshop

OTPR 003-F20 | Gift Wrap Workshop

11/30 Online

Maximum Enrollment: 0 LBS

Course Description

Do you enjoy giving unique handmade gifts? Learn how to make gift wrap using recycled materials in your home such as newspaper, old fabric, old copy paper, etc instead of buying new plastic/paper gift wrap that could be bad for the environment! Students will learn how to create stamps out of linoleum and recycled cardboard to customize their own gift wrap.

This class is open to ages 16+

One day workshop 
Monday, November 30
4:00 pm

Registration for this class ends November 25th at 10am. 

Tuition: $15

CEUs: n/a



Al Tomas creates work about neurodivergency and experiencing the world in their own way. They use printmaking practices to create the world they see to create empathy in others. They work within Pickwick Independent Press. They got their Bachelors of Fine Arts with a major in Printmaking at Maine College of Art. Learn more: altomasprint.com, or follow on Instagram @alrtomas.



Newspaper, a collection of thinner papers, tissue paper, old fabric, stamp pads, cardboard, linoleum for carving stamps, scissors, tape, string of any kind, anything you can repurpose from your house to wrap gifts!!!

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