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OTP 010-S20-2 | Mixed Media Art: Exploring the Environment, Ages 14-17

OTP 010-S20-2 | Mixed Media Art: Exploring the Environment, Ages 14-17

Mon 8/3 - Wed 8/12

Maximum Enrollment: 12 LBS

Course Description

csmixedmediasm.pngIn this class students will explore mixed media art through a variety of techniques, such as collage, assemblage, printmaking and drawing. They will learn that art materials and inspiration can be found everywhere, at home and in the natural world.

Through the exploration of artworks by contemporary and past artists, students will deepen their understanding of how they can create their own mixed media representations of the environments in which they live. Central art concepts will include texture, composition, and storytelling.

Monday - Wednesday, August 3 - August 12
(It is expected that students work during this whole time, at their own pace.)

Zoom meeting schedule: 
(check-ins and a final project reveal): 

Monday, August 3, 10-11am
Thursday, August 6 , 10-11am
Wednesday, August 12 , 10-11am

Tuition: $75
CEUs: n/a


Anne Hayes is an art educator and visual artist living in Maine. Her artwork incorporates painting, drawing and mixed media in naturalistic abstraction; her inspiration stems from forms and spaces in the natural world and how we observe and interact with them. Found materials serve as subject matters and influence the final narrative and form of much of Anne's work. As an art educator, Anne strives to incorporate her art practice into her teaching. Experimentation, exploration of materials and the natural environment, in addition to an open and positive mindset are all values she highlights in her teaching. Anne's interdisciplinary multi-cultural background, based in learning and teaching French, in addition to teaching English at home and in France, also influences her work as an art educator. She possesses a holistic approach to education, and believes that every student can find success in their own way.


  • Access to a webcam and microphone for meetings
  • Sketchbook (or scrap paper if you prefer)
  • Drawing tools: Pencils and eraser, pens, markers, etc... (the brand and color does not matter)
  • Watercolor paint set (Any brand will do, but some examples of inexpensive brands are Faber-Castell, Prang, and Artist‚Äôs Loft.)
  • Mixed media or watercolor art pad (Some examples of brands are Canson, Strathmore, and Blick, but you can get any brand you like.)
  • Other found surfaces such as cardboard, plastic, recycled materials, stiff paper, etc...
  • Other optional types of paint such as gouache, tempera, or acrylic paint.
  • Glue stick (any brand)
  • Acrylic matte medium (examples of brands are Liquitex and Golden)
  • Variety of found papers and materials from around your house and outside, such as old magazines, newspapers, old photos, tissue paper, old books, fabric, old packaging/recycled materials, buttons, leaves, twigs, acorns, rocks, shells, etc.
  • 1-3 paint brushes and/or foam brushes

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