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OTI 010-S20-2| Comic + Graphic Novel: Illustration, Ages 14-17

OTI 010-S20-2| Comic + Graphic Novel: Illustration, Ages 14-17

7/13-7/27 Online

Maximum Enrollment: 15 LBS

Course Description

matteainsta.pngIllustration is imagery in the service of a narrative. This course serves as an introduction to the process of illustration, from concept to final, though the medium of comics! Comics and graphic novels are important now more than ever. 

The layout of the course will feature one weekly prompt and visual check-in to see how students are progressing; students will meet once a week on Zoom to go over the weekly prompt(s). Zoom meetings will include: group discussions focusing on different illustrators, learning different processes of creating comics and graphic novels (storyboarding, character design, etc.), demos, and group collaboration. There will also be handouts, check-ins, warm-up exercises, and drawing together as a group. 

Students will be able to meet and discuss any issues within office hours. Students will be expected to go at  their own pace but to also try and finish weekly projects on time.

The aim of the pieces created here will be to strengthen student portfolios, as well as create growth as a storyteller. Remember stories don’t always need written language to accompany the visuals. Students will also be encouraged to push their craftsmanship and creativity.

Overview of projects:
- Create one, 8-page zine comic.
- Create a 1-3 page multi-panel comic/graphic novel.

Zoom Meetings:

Monday, July 13: 10am
Monday, July 20: 10am 
Monday, July 27: 10am
Tuition: $110
CEUs: n/a

About your teacher:
Mattea (pronounced like Mat- ty), Weinberg, (she, her) graduated from MECA in 2017 in illustration with a minor in public engagement. She received a MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching) degree from MECA in 2018. For half of the year, Mattea lives in New York, teaching 4th-12 grade art classes; she lives and teaches in Maine in the summer months. Mattea lives with a 17-year-old cat named Sassy. See more of Mattea's art at matteaweinberg.com or on Instagram at @mattea.w.


Personal favorite materials to use for comics:

- Black, waterproof India ink.
This is great for outlining! But also finalizing your creations. You can use it as a wash. Depending on the desired look, I use a brush for a more cartoon loose look or a nib for a tighter look.
- Watercolor paper or multimedia paper. Make sure that the paper can absorb whatever you are putting on. I like watercolor paper because of the texture but that is a personal preference. In my artistic practice, I typically use watercolor, ink, or gouache. Then depending on my mood add a color pencil or other mediums on top. So the paper used is extremely important.
- A Nib! I love Nibs for dip pens! Especially 512. Each size has a different use and look. There are also some for calligraphy.

Other great materials (personal preferences)  Use what you feel comfortable with. But don’t be scared to try new materials because that’s when we often grow and become a stronger artist!

Micron pen
Copic markers
Watercolor - Windsor and Newton
Gouache - Arteza
Ink - Dr. Ph. Martin inks, & Windsor and Newton




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