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OSA 065-F21 | Sliding Doors: Sonic Strategies for Merging Worlds

OSA 065-F21 | Sliding Doors: Sonic Strategies for Merging Worlds

Online 11/29-12/3 6:00-8:00pm EST

Maximum Enrollment: 20 LBS

Course Description


Sound is a medium uniquely suited for bleeding edges. It allows you to cross the threshold between inner thoughts and the outer world, to merge multiple moments across time and space into a new, blended reality. 


Co-facilitated by multidisciplinary artists James T. Green and Ariana Martinez, this course will share experimental strategies for artists looking to expand the world of their audio projects. Be prepared to challenge existing notions of normative legibility in stories, linear time, prescriptive structure, and ideal listening environments. Over the course of this 3-day intensive, students will gain an understanding of boundary-pushing conceptual frameworks for audio storytelling, technical skills for artfully manipulating audio, and ways to engage listeners and their own surroundings. 


Students should bring a working knowledge of their DAW (Digital Audio Workstation (i.e. Reaper, Pro Tools, etc.) of choice and an expectation to play and experiment, but extensive sound design or production experience is not required. Sound is unique in allowing listeners the ability to exist in multiple, simultaneous realities. We’re excited to share with you the sonic strategies to delight your listeners as they escape into the thoughtful realities of your creation.


11/29 6-8pm Eastern

12/1 6-8pm Eastern

12/3 6-8pm Eastern




img-6164.jpeg        jamestgreen-portrait.jpeg
Ariana Martinez is a multimedia artist and radio documentarian currently based in Chicago, IL but with roots and ties to New York, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Florida, Texas, Georgia, and Kansas. In their practice, Ariana is Interested in processes of navigation, sensation, and the resonances between bodies and their environments. Their audio and visual work has been featured at HearSay Festival, LUCIA Festival, the Banguoja Audio Festival, the Open City Documentary Festival, and the Barbican Cultural Centre. 
James T. Green (he/they) is an audio documentarian by trade and an artist by practice. They are the founder of Molten Heart, a creative studio in Brooklyn, New York. Their works have been featured in places such as the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Mass MoCA, 99% Invisible, and Pop Up Magazine.
Supply List:
  • A computer with the Digital Audio Workstation of your choice installed: Reaper, Adobe Audition, Pro-Tools, Hindenburg Journalist, Logic, Audacity, Garage Band, etc. are all welcome. Note: If you do not have access to a computer with software installed, but you do have access to an iPad or iPhone, Ferrite is a low-cost application that works reasonably well for multi-track editing. 

  • An audio recording device: A smartphone voice-memo application will do just fine but other recording devices are up to you. 

  • A place for note-taking, research gathering, free-writing, and archive mining: This can be a physical notebook and writing tool or a digital note taking space. 

  • 3 or more artifacts from your personal archive: objects, images, sound bites, writing fragments, etc. 

  • Documentation (photo, video, written, etc.) of a physical space (indoor or outdoor, near or far, doesn’t matter as long as it holds your interest).

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