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OPD 010-S20-2 | Creating Connection & Community in an Online Art Classroom

OPD 010-S20-2 | Creating Connection & Community in an Online Art Classroom


Maximum Enrollment: 0 LBS

Course Description


How can we create connection in a virtual art classroom? Why is community a vital aspect for successful online teaching and learning?

In this workshop, you will gain new knowledge and online tools for engaging your students in an online community. Through reflective visual journaling, group discussion boards, and readings, you will begin to consider best practices for facilitating safe and inclusive online learning environments. You will also plan for systems of communication that foster a sense of belonging and connection with your students, even from a distance.

Students will work at their own pace during this course and will participate in a group discussion board. There will be no zoom meetings. 

Tuition: $150
CEUs: 1.5


Rachel Somerville holds an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from the University of California, Davis, where her doctoral work centered on research that bridges the divide among innovation, community, and education, exploring areas of equity within the education system and the impact that mentor programs have on college enrollment and retention for first-generation students. She also investigated the emergence of community workspaces or maker-spaces within formal education, specifically examining teachers as early implementers of this movement and the academic conditions that foster creativity. Dr. Somerville's approach to teaching emphasizes collaboration, creativity, and student voice. Through her experience as a teacher and administrator in a variety of K-12 settings, she believes that quality art programming in the visual arts should be provided by arts specialists and supported by school leaders, classroom teachers, with arts organizations and community programs. She feels that this partnered instruction serves to enhance a collaborative and an authentic approach to learning. Learn more: www.meca.edu/people/rachel-somerville/.



N/A (readings will be sourced online)

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