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OPD 005-S21-1 | Praxis Prep Boot Camp with Nicholas Karavas

OPD 005-S21-1 | Praxis Prep Boot Camp with Nicholas Karavas

June 22, 23, 24 Online

Maximum Enrollment: 5 LBS

Course Description

OPD 005-S1 | Praxis Prep Boot Camp with Nicholas Karavas



Dates: June 22, 23, 24

Times: 3:30 - 6:30 PM EST


  • MAT enrollees (must have deposited and enrolled fully in MAT at the time they register for the course to qualify) NO FEE for this group

  • Public Participants*: $85 

*Public participants need not be pursuing art certification to register. This Praxis Core class is useful to anyone seeking teaching certification in any endorsement.



To become a Certified Art Teacher in the state of Maine, one of the things you will need is passing scores on the Praxis Exam. All educators must pass the general education Praxis, and then Art Teachers go on to pass an additional test specific to the art discipline in order to get that teaching endorsement. The Praxis Core includes three basic tests: Math, Reading, and Writing. To certify in Maine as of the writing of this course description, you need the following scores: 

  • Reading Test #5712: 156+
  • Writing Test #5722: 162+
  • Mathematics Test #5732: 150+

Or a Minimal Composite Score of 468 for all three exams. 


The Praxis II, or the discipline-specific Praxis that you would need to take to become an Art Educator is Art: CK Test Code 5134 with a score of 158+. Regardless of your discipline, though, every certified teacher needs passing scores on the Praxis Core, whether they are seeking certification as Art, Algebra, Social Studies, or English teachers. These exams cost a fee each time you take one and they can only be administered at a proctoring facility. This means it takes time, practice, and money to pass the Core exams--and if you don’t pass the first try, you have to wait a period of time before you are allowed to register for the exam again (and pay the fee again, as well). 

At Maine College of Art, we offer a Master’s of Art in Teaching Art (MAT) program where we train our Teacher Candidates to be certified Art Educators in 10 rigorous months. As part of the program, Teacher Candidates teach in public school settings where they need to have this grounding in core educational programming. Our TC’s also need to pass the Praxis as a condition of entering our program. 


This course is a Praxis Core “bootcamp” for those who need to shake the dust off their standardized-testing skills and perhaps hit the refresh button on math, reading, and writing in order to remember all those tricky tidbits (like the long division, the quadratic formula, mathematical order of operations in an algebraic problem, the elements of a complete sentence, verb tense agreements, identifying analogies, or managing word problems). In addition to refreshing your general education skills, you’ll learn the fundamentals of standardized test construction and develop key strategies for taking these tests to maximize the likelihood that you will pass on your first try. 


Organized as a hybrid experience, this course immerses students in the three subjects of the  Praxis Core through a series of asynchronous (online, on your own time) learning experiences, diagnostics, and practice exams and couples that with 9 hours of online instruction in real time using video-conferencing. Dive as deeply as you want to dive into the asynchronous learning resources your instructor has put together for you, or stay near the surface and focus your attention on the live lessons offered on June 22, 23, and 24. Most of all, practice, practice, practice before the day you sit for your Praxis Core exams. 


** Students enrolled in our MAT program for Academic Year 2021-2022 are eligible to take this course free of charge provided they meet the terms of enrollment in the program prior to the launch of this class. If you meet the conditions of enrollment, you will not be charged for the course.


This course is open to the general public as well. Tuition for non-MAT enrollees is $85 


This course is not contingent on enrollment to run. 






My name is Nick Karavas and I have been a High School Mathematics instructor for approximately 5 years. The first 4 years of my career were spent in Michigan in which I taught courses ranging from Algebra I through Calculus with the inclusion of SAT/ACT prep courses. Concurrently with my teaching, I have spent a plethora of time regarding tutoring different subjects with the extension of preparing students for the BASICS test (Teacher Certification in Michigan) as well as SAT/ACT/GRE prep courses. My most recent year of my career has been spent teaching at a rural high school in Maine as I relocated during the summer of 2020 where I teach Algebra I through Pre-Calculus. During my teaching career, I decided to enhance my own understanding of Mathematics and Education by completing my Masters in Pure Mathematics. Furthermore, I have dedicated time to research the modern methods of teaching mathematics in order to provide as many techniques to my students for their understanding and comprehension of the material. In my free time, I love to explore parts of the New England area with my girlfriend, Erika, and our loving dog, Stark! 



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