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OPB 030-F20 | Zine Making

OPB 030-F20 | Zine Making

10/9-11/13 Online

Maximum Enrollment: 0 LBS

Course Description

zine.gifIn this Zoom-based course students will create their own self-published books or zines (pronounced zeenz). Alongside the creation of your own zines you will learn some of the history of zines in the punk movement as well as in general history.

The options of what could be considered a zine is unending! You will learn to create your own self-published books and build an understanding of how to create original content for a zine. We will explore the potentials of different zine formats so students can develop an understanding of what works best for their individual content.

This class is for ages 16 and up! 

6 sessions
October 9 to November 13
Fridays,  3 pm - 4 pm

Registrations for this class end on October 6th at 10am. 

Tuition: $150  

CEUs: n/a 



Al Tomas creates work about neurodivergency and experiencing the world in their own way. They use printmaking practices to create the world they see to create empathy in others. They work within Pickwick Independent Press. They got their Bachelors of Fine Arts with a major in Printmaking at Maine College of Art.
For more info visit: altomasprint.com




  • Scissors and/or exacto knife and blades (if going for exacto knife a self healing mat)
  • paper of any kind (demonstrations will be made with 8.5"x11" paper but you can use anything!)
  • collage materials (magazines, newspapers, photocopies, whatever you'd like to use you can!)
  • glue
  • any kind of writing utensils or mark makers (colored pencils, markers, pens, pencils, etc...)
  • needle and thread
  • access to a computer with a webcam and the internet
  • any other supplies that are readily available to you in your home 


This course has reached maximum enrollment.

Wait lists are available by calling our office.

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