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OFT 016-W21 | Wool to Yarn

OFT 016-W21 | Wool to Yarn

1/28-1/30, Online

Maximum Enrollment: 12 LBS

Course Description


Are you interested in learning how wool becomes yarn? In this class Gabi will take you through the process starting with washed wool and ending with yarn! Learn how to prep your fluff, spin, ply and finish your own yarn in this 3 session class. This is the perfect winter activity, join us in creating a community of online spinners! Meetings will be held over Zoom. 

Zoom Sessions:

1/28 Thurs 2-5pm

1/29 Fri 2-5pm

1/30 Sat 2-5pm


Tuition: $135

CEUs: n/a





Gabriela Montoya-Eyerman aka Gabi’s yarn making path began about eleven years ago when her long time addiction to knitting led her to a fiber show where someone was spinning their own yarn. A few weeks later she bought a drop spindle plus a bit of fiber and the obsession began. While other people might ease into a new art form Gabi’s first instinct was to buy not one but two fleeces so she could learn the whole process of making animal fiber into yarn. Less than a year later she had a spinning wheel and drum carder.

Gabi and her family moved to Maine almost ten years ago and after a couple of years of moving around decided to get their own small farm and a starter flock of sheep. Then another animal lover needed to rehome some angora rescues and Fred, Cornelius, and Rae, three angora rabbits came home to live on the little farm now named Five Sisters Farm. Gabi doesn’t have any sisters, though she always wanted one, but she does have five daughters.

While the number of sheep has fluctuated from four to twenty one and now back down to seven, the sheep are hard work but have gorgeous wool. Gabi is always looking forward to shearing season and another batch of fresh fleeces to play with. Occasionally she is willing to share some of the fiber from her sheep and other fleeces she picks up at Maine festivals. You can find it in her Etsy shop LifeofYarn and the occasional fair or festival.

Speaking of festivals, along the way Gabi has taken on the volunteer and demonstration coordinator position of the Maine Fiber Frolic: Maine’s Premier Sheep and Wool Festival and is a co-coordinator in the Common Ground Fair Fleece tent (virtual for 2020). She gets a lot of satisfaction from helping out at these events that are helping fiber enthusiasts get connected with fiber producers and vendors. 

Gabi is a member of the Wednesday Spinners and Acadia Spinners and has been spinning her own yarn for over ten years. Other fiber and textile arts Gabi has experience with are knitting, needlepoint, cross stitch, quilting, dyeing, felting and sewing.You can also catch her teaching the occasional adult education fiber arts or knitting class around the state of Maine.



Hand cards or Dog slickers 
3-4 ounces of washed wool (see link)
 Spinning Wheel with at least 3 bobbins and lazy kate
or Drop Spindle (3 spindles or 1 spindle and an empty paper towel roll and a shoe box sized box)

3 oz washed wool  $18 (undyed) or $22 (dyed - limited supply) - Fee Includes shipping 


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