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KT 14-F20 | Gesture Drawing with Style! Workshop by Seth Barron

KT 14-F20 | Gesture Drawing with Style! Workshop by Seth Barron


Course Description

NEW! Are you tired of being cooped up? Are you dreading being stuck inside during those cold winter nights wracking your brain for things to do with your little ones? Do you have a young person in your life who loves ART? Or perhaps you yourself are young at heart? Well Maine College of Art’s Office of Continuing and Professional Studies has teamed up with the Master of Arts Teaching (MAT) Program’s Teacher Candidates to bring you something extra special this holiday season: KITS FOR KIDS! 

The MAT program is a graduate program training future art educators to teach art for any age, from Kindergarten to High School Seniors, and they’ve imagined some special treats for you this winter..Each kit is meticulously packed with MECA-approved art supplies designed to walk you or your little one through a specific Art Lesson recorded and curated by one of our Art Teachers-in-Training. Our kits come with everything you need to complete a full art project, including an exclusive, password-protected instructional video made by one of our very own Art Teachers to walk you through the art project step-by-step. Many of the kits have enough materials to create the art project many times over! 

Pre-Order your kits today and reserve your spot for this limited opportunity to experience the unique quality and innovation of a MECA Art Studio in the comfort of your home. We will begin mailing out kits on December 1. We will continue to reserve and mail out kits until supplies run out.




Have you ever tried to draw someone in motion and just thrown up your hands in frustration? Well this kit is the one for you! In this instructional kit, you will learn how to draw with gestures, which is the art of sketching the many different movements of the human body. Coupled with a website and a unique instructional video, Seth will have you drawing the art of motion in no time using the same techniques as the masters. 



In your kit, you will receive all the supplies to complete at least one full art project (with a few extras in case you need a few practice attempts). You will also receive a passcode along with detailed instructions for logging into the system to access your instructional video. You will need the internet to be able to use an online drawing tool. Recommended for ages 14-18 

Preorder: $75

The first round of Kits for Kids has been shipped out!  Pre Order a January kit now, they are perfect for snowy days!  We will start shipping the next round of kits out on 1/15. Shipping is included for customers within the United States.



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