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CPT 060-F23 | Painting the Basics of Value and Color

CPT 060-F23 | Painting the Basics of Value and Color

9/28-12/14 no class 10/5, 11/23 (10 sessions) 6-9 pm

Maximum Enrollment: 12 LBS

Course Description


Artwork by Jordan Wood


This course follows the guidelines of Foundations of Painting courses typically taught in BFA programs, but will be more accelerated. Come focus on color mixing, color matching, and value matching, to gain a deep understanding of color and value through class exercises. These skills can then be applied to your future paintings in order to make your work more sophisticated and dynamic!


9/28-12/14 no class 10/5, 11/23 (10 sessions) 6-9 pm Thursday

Tuition: $350 + $20 studio fee

CEUs: 3

Room 402




Jordan Wood is a painter and installation artist from Richfield, Wisconsin. She lived in the Milwaukee area for eighteen years and then started her college career at St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wisconsin. Transferring her sophomore year, Jordan graduated with a Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida. After graduating, Jordan missed the changing seasons, forests, and cooler weather of the North and moved to Portland, Maine to pursue a graduate degree from the Maine College of Art and Design. Wood is heavily influenced by film, which led her to combine the love for the genre with the New England atmosphere through her paintings. After graduating from the Maine College of Art in 2022, Jordan plans on staying in the New England area to continue painting her life as she sees it here.



Canvasette paper canvas, Oil or Acrylic Paints, Brushes, Palette Knives, Tape, Pencils, Rulers, Pallets or something to mix on, any mediums they would like to use, and tape.

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