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CPT 015-W20 | True Blue Beginning Painting

CPT 015-W20 | True Blue Beginning Painting

Sat+Sun, 9AM-4PM, 1/11-1/12, ROOM: 402, Porteous Building

Maximum Enrollment: 12 LBS

Course Description

This course addresses how to overcome the fear of picking up a paintbrush and painting. An openness and willingness to explore will be supported through non-competitive group and individual exercises. No previous painting experience required, but some experience with basic drawing is recommended. This class will focus on using acrylic paints only.

TUITION: $230 + FEES: $20

Shannon McGinty is an artist, activist, and teacher from Garden City, Michigan who believes in the transformative power of art. McGinty graduated from Worcester State University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Performing Arts with a focus in Sculpture. In 2017, McGinty began the Master of Fine Arts degree program at Maine College of Art and learned the importance of community building, generosity, and reciprocity in art, all of which manifest in their contextual practice, a form of socially engaged art making that is rooted in community. McGinty served as the 2018 keynote speaker for Hudson High School's National Art Honors Society induction ceremony and was recently interviewed by USA Today on the importance of providing competent healthcare to the transgender patient. McGinty graduated with an MFA in 2019 and continues their socially engaged practice. www.shannonmcginty.com

Supplies provided.

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