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CPD 221-I22 | Salt: Introduction to Short-Form Video Journalism: A Seven-Day Bootcamp

CPD 221-I22 | Salt: Introduction to Short-Form Video Journalism: A Seven-Day Bootcamp

IN PERSON 1/6-1/15 Salt

Maximum Enrollment: 16 LBS

Course Description



Introduction to Short-Form Video Journalism: A Seven-Day Bootcamp

This course covers the fundamental concepts of short-form video journalism. Students are taught the basics of shooting, editing, video storytelling, and reporting for video. The class covers composition, process shooting, interviewing, and identifying video-worthy stories, as well as operating video and audio equipment, editing on non-linear video editing systems, and producing narrative non-fiction films. Students leave the course with a fully shot and edited 2–5-minute short film.  Students will be using Adobe Premiere for video editing. 

The class meets online as a cohort on Jan 6 and 7 (1 pm-2:30 pm EST) to prepare to hit the ground running in Maine. The class then meets in person from Jan 9-15 (10 am -4 pm) for a fast-paced, immersive week of shooting in the field and production in Salt’s classrooms.

Previous experience is not necessary to take this course. (This is also the perfect course to prepare for the full 15-week Salt Short Film Graduate Certificate, where students direct and produce several short feature documentaries, and earn a Graduate Certificate in Documentary Studies. Students who take this bootcamp receive a $500 discount for the Short Film Certificate.)


Class Schedule
Day 1 (via Zoom) 1 pm-2:30 pm EST: Course Introduction
Day 2 (via Zoom) 1 pm-2:30 pm EST: Production Prep
Day 3 10 am-4 pm EST: What is a good video story? Fundamentals of videography and camera work.
Day 4 10 am-4 pm EST: Process and Scenes. Introduction to microphones and audio.
Day 5 10 am-4 pm EST: Interviews. Preproduction. Getting into the Field.
Day 6 10 am-4 pm EST: Production Field Techniques. Post Production Techniques.
Day 7 10 am-4 pm EST: Editing on Adobe Premiere Part 1.
Day 8 10 am-4 pm EST: Editing on Adobe Premiere Part 2. Rough Cuts and Critiques.
Day 9 10 am-4 pm EST: Adobe Premiere: Publication. Final Cut Critiques.



Instructor Duy Linh Tu

Duy Linh Tu is a journalist and documentary filmmaker, focusing on education, science, and social justice. His work has appeared in print, online, on television, and in theaters. He is also the author of "Narrative Storytelling for Multimedia Journalists" (Focal Press).

Tu teaches reporting and video storytelling courses at the Columbia Journalism School. He is also a graduate of the program.



All students must provide proof of vaccination immediately after registration by emailing an image of their vaccination card to cstudy@meca.edu

Students and faculty are required to wear a mask on campus at all times. 

● Masks are defined as fabric coverings of the mouth and nose that are independent of use by your hands or arms.

● Masks are required in all public spaces within the residence halls including hallways, common rooms, laundry rooms, elevators, stairwells, and lobbies.

Please email cstudy@meca.edu or call 207.699.5061 with any questions. 


See our Safe & Healthy MECA&D data here



  1. SD Card
  2. External Hard Drive  
  3. Camera / Shotgun Mic / SD Card:  https://bhpho.to/3iXlKvE
  4. Lav Mic:  https://bhpho.to/2zQtHzz
  5. Tripod:  https://bhpho.to/3Fzuz8R
  6. Headphones of their choice (iPhone earbuds are fine!)

Some gear will be available but bringing own gear is recommended. You may contact Salt if you prefer to borrow a camera for the duration of the session: salt@meca.edu.

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