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CLA 180-W20 | Proprioceptive Writing

CLA 180-W20 | Proprioceptive Writing

Fri, Sat + Sun, Friday 6-9PM, Sat 9AM-4:30PM, Sun 9AM-12PM, 2/7-2/9, ROOM: A-1, 380 Cumberland Building

Maximum Enrollment: 8 LBS

Course Description

Proprioceptive Writing is a meditational discipline. It is a method of listening to thoughts and feelings, a method of reflection. In this process, we can slow down, notice details, and give ourselves permission to experience emotions as they arise. Over time, the writer is able to reflect more clearly. As chatter dissipates, stories emerge and the relationship with the inner self becomes more familiar and more intimate. The self emerges more frequently from burdens of stress, current concerns and questions of everyday existence. This workshop utilizes the Metcalf/Simon Method of Proprioceptive Writing, which anyone can begin to use immediately. more information: www.pwriting.org

TUITION: $230 + FEES: $0

Charles Melcher studied Proprioceptive Writing for over ten years with its founders, Linda Trichter-Metcalf, Ph.D. and Tobin Simon, Ph.D., has practiced since 1983, is an adjunct faculty member of the Proprioceptive Writing Center and has introduced this new kind of meditational discipline in the US, Scotland, and Germany. He is a graphic designer and photographer and has been a member of the BFA Faculty at Maine College of Art, Portland, Maine since 1998. More info on Proprioceptive Writing go to www.pwriting.org


Seat cushion or Pillow

Text(required): Writing the Mind Alive,The Proprioceptive Method for Finding Your Authentic Voice, Metcalf/Simon $14.95 available on Amazon

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