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CIL 085-W20 | Beginning Pen + Ink Illustration

CIL 085-W20 | Beginning Pen + Ink Illustration

Thurs, 10AM-12PM, 1/16-3/5, ROOM: 209, Porteous Building

Maximum Enrollment: 12 LBS

Course Description

Pen and ink is a persistently satisfying and expressive drawing medium for fine artists, illustrators, graphic artists and sketching. Students will gain confidence using India ink and dip pens through copy sheets, life drawing studies, other exercises and apply their skills in complete compositions. Students will cultivate an eye for the aesthetic of the medium, and start to develop a specific hand creating rich black and white images with inventive line use, varied line weights, hatching and cross-hatching, stippling and expressive line and mark-making. People who have never used anything fancier than a ball-point pen or who are terrified of ink are encouraged to attend!

TUITION: $230 + FEES: $25

Michael Connor earned a BA in Fine Art at USM in 2001, but has always followed his inspiration and penchant for illustration and comics, evident in local art exhibits he's shown in, work he's done for clients, and his small comics zine Coelacanthus. Michael has taught children comics and cartooning and illustration and recycled art at the summer and after school programs at Waynflete School and Breakwater School, and recently young adults in MECA's Pre-College program. Michael has been an Assistant Professor in MECA's Illustration department since 2010, teaching foundation Illustration classes as well as electives such as Character Design and Pen and Ink for majors. He lives in Gorham with his wife and son where they spend lots of time reading books and exploring in the woods.


Students should bring:

drawing pencils


a small drawing board,

airtight container (for transporting ink bottle)


a portfolio-type thing for transporting artwork

All other supplies will be provided.

This course has reached maximum enrollment.

Wait lists are available by calling our office.

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