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CFS 075-W20 | Fashion Sewing Elements

CFS 075-W20 | Fashion Sewing Elements

Mon, 9AM-12PM, 1/13-2/17 no class 1/20, ROOM: 209, Porteous Building

Maximum Enrollment: 8 LBS

Course Description

Each week will focus on a specific element of garment construction: designing and attaching sleeves, creating a variety of hems, vintage techniques, designing and attaching collars, and copying an existing garment. You will increase your skills through guided step-by-step process and will make samples for future reference. This 5-week course will also include some tips on patternmaking and couture sewing techniques. This course is open to beginning and advanced students.

TUITION: $200 + FEES: $20

Cheslye Ventimiglia has a dressmaking studio in Portland and specializes in the reconstruction of vintage clothing and costume design. She volunteers in the costume shop at Portland Stage and has taught sewing and pattern making at MECA since 2000 with an emphasis on quality garment construction. She is currently showing work in "Over the Clothesline", an exhibition at Historic New England in South Berwick, Maine.

A portable sewing machine and an extension cord, a dressmaker‰Ûªs measuring tape, dressmaker‰Ûªs pins, a pair of sharp scissors, sewing needles and thread, and a seam ripper.

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