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CFS 061-W20 | Experimental Weaving

CFS 061-W20 | Experimental Weaving

Wed, 6-9PM, 2/5-2/26, ROOM: 7, Lower Level, Porteous Building

Maximum Enrollment: 12 LBS

Course Description

Learn to weave using expressive marks and unusual materials in this slow-paced setting. We will cover weaving basics including how to warp a loom, pile weave, rya knots, finishing techniques, and considerations for buying or making a loom. The longer time frame gives students the chance to finish multiple tapestries and experiment with various repurposed materials over the course of the workshop. A small pop out loom will be provided. If students want to move to a bigger loom, there will be discussion about making and or purchasing a large loom during the course of the class. Yarn and fabric straps will be provided. Students are welcome to bring their own yarn, found objects, fabric, or other materials to weave with.

TUITION: $200 + FEES: $45

Hannah Adams is a weaver based in Portland, Maine. Adams uses the logic of textiles to express softness, tenderness, and joy in her work. She is the founder of WeaveOn, a woven lifestyle brand and a soon-to-be pop-up art space. She received her MFA from Maine College of Art in 2019. hannahaadams.com


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