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CCT 028-W24 | Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

CCT 028-W24 | Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

3/18-4/8 (4 sessions) 6-9 pm, Mon, Room 289

Maximum Enrollment: 12 LBS

Course Description


"AI generative art is just inter-dimensional photography, instead of choosing the right moment to snap a photo, you’re choosing the right place in the infinite variable probabilities of a reality" - Andrew Edwards


The world of digital art is changing rapidly as neural network artificial intelligence models rapidly evolve. Join us on a survey of the current landscape of generative AI art and explore wielding powerful tools like text-to-image generation using programs like Midjourney and Dalle-2, Writing tools like ChatGPT, and Video manipulation with RunwayML.

The magic of AI is in going places visually (or in any medium) that are new and never seen before, rather than replacing artists. Creating Images that an artist is likely to not make themselves but would in dialogue with the AI. AI is like a collaborative partner to an artist in a multitude of ways, and their strange way of thinking is quite hard to direct intentionally, more like herding multidimensional cats through an organically grown landscape.

The intention of this class is to learn more about how AI is used and how it could be a tool for artists. The times are changing and the best way to know what's going on is to explore the potential of these new mediums yourself. All skills and ability levels are welcome. Students need to bring their own laptop and charger to class. 


3/18-4/8 (4 sessions) 6:00 pm-9:00pm, Mondays

Tuition: $175

CEUs: 1.2

522 Congress Street, Room 007



Andrew Elijah Edwards is an artist and actor focused on digital media, animation, and theatrical performance, whose work is a dreamscape of unknown lands, divine rituals, and first contact, exploring a hidden language inside and between all things through the playful and the sublime. Andrew works in both digitally animated virtual worlds and physically with the body through dance and performance, exploring the blending of acting, movement, and virtual landscapes. "There is a language inside and in-between all things communicating in a space beyond language and my work inhabits and navigates this place." Andrew received his MFA in Emergent Digital Practices from the University of Denver in 2014 and has been exhibiting work and performing on stage theatrically throughout the country from Santa Fe to Maine. Andrew runs IMAGINARIUM Creator Camp, a storytelling, art, and acting experience where campers live inside of their own drawn and painted worlds through a group movie making project using greenscreen. Through a variety of venues, Andrew brings his fascination with existence and imagination to facilitating a growth environment for people of all ages and abilities to explore channeling the imaginal.


Supplies: Students must bring a laptop to class.

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