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Weekend Workshops Summer 2014

Despite the best laid intentions, it can be hard to commit to an art course that is several weeks long.  One or two day workshops scheduled over the weekend can be the perfect solution.  This is what our weekend workshop students got up to this summer!

Narrative Collage Workshop with Dietlind Vander Schaaf

Students started with raw collage materials: patterned paper, black and white photocopies, lines of text, etc.

The end results were beautiful collages mounted on wooden panels.  Students were encouraged to start with a line of text that was personally meaningful to them.

Bracelets Workshop with Kathy Binns

Students made bracelets of various shapes and sizes out of copper.

Two sisters, Frances and Kathy, spent the day together making bracelets.  Here they show off their hard work!

Sailor Knotting Workshop with Cat Bates

Students were introduced to a variety of sailor knotting techniques and then shown how to incorporate this knowledge into jewelry design.

Low Tech Casting Workshop with Cat Bates

Students learned how to form models of found objects (like those pictured below) in wax and how to melt and pour metal to make castings.

Instructor Cat Bates demos sand casting.

Encaustic Weekend Workshop with Kim Bernard

Students used a beeswax-based paint and a heated palette to make encaustic paintings.

The results were colorful and layered paintings on wood panels.

The Art of the Shadow Box Workshop with Dietlind Vander Schaaf

Workshop participants created a unique diorama using a variety of techniques and materials including collage, assemblage, decoupage, and paint.

Four finished shadow boxes of various sizes.

Althea poses with her finished shadow box, dedicated to her mother of the same name on her birthday.  She was a seamstress who made her own wedding dress.

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