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Steal That Painting!

Martha Miller's Mixed Media and Drawing students have been busy creating self portraits based on a series of challenges. For this challenge students were instructed to draw themselves into a work of art which they feel connected to.

Please feel free to join in the fun! If you do, send a picture of your work to us at cstudy@meca.edu we would love to see it.

The Continuing Studies Team sends our best wishes to all! We hope that you are safe and well. We miss our students and faculty greatly and can't wait to be working with you all in person again!

Martha wrote, "I chose Max Beckmann's Still Life with Large Shell, 1939, because of the bold shapes and colors, and his use of black. That black strikes me to my core. Plus I have a beautiful seashell that I wanted to draw. After I finished the drawing, I decided I wanted to call it Shell Shocked. I realized after working on it that it describes how I feel right now with the pandemic occurring all around us. Beckmann suffered from shell shock (what we now call PTSD) as a result of his time as a medic in WWI." 

Shell Shocked Martha Miller

Here are some of the student pieces from the challenge: 

Neil Portnoy

Jessica Moser

 Nicole d'Entremont

Lynne Howard

Justine Kohr

Christine Caswell

Lucas Houk

Enjoy, stay well and safe! 

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