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YTC 022-S18-2 | Exploring Media:Painting + Drawing Session II

YTC 022-S18-2 | Exploring Media:Painting + Drawing Session II

Youth 14-17 | July 5-6 | 8:30am-3:00pm | Room D-1

Maximum Enrollment: 15 LBS

Course Description

Students will strengthen their observational skills and become familiar with many of the tools, materials and techniques of drawing and painting. Concepts such as line, value, and proportion will be explored. We_Ñéll also focus on color, coloring mixing, paint application, and composition.

Students are welcome to take both sessions or just one! 

Please note, this class is located in our second building: 380 Cumberland Ave. This is just two blocks from the main building, straight down Casco Street. The building entrance is located on Casco Street, through the parking lot. Please view this map for reference. 

DATES: July 5-6
Youth 14-17

All supplies are provided.

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