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CSC 176-W18 | Blacksmithing and Metal Fabrication

CSC 176-W18 | Blacksmithing and Metal Fabrication

Wed 6:00-9:00PM 1/31-3/21 Room: 505 8 Weeks

Maximum Enrollment: 8 LBS

Course Description

In this course students will be introduced to the basic skills of metalworking. We will cover MIG and TIG welding. We will also be covering basic methods of forming, bending, and shaping steel sheet metal and solid rod. In preparation for these skills students will work closely with the instructor to design small objects, tools, and sculptures using the techniques that will be covered. Additionally in this course, students will be introduced to the basics of blacksmithing and forging. Each technique will be taught through the completion of a small object such as a bottle opener, tools, key chains, tableware, jewelry, and possibly sculptural pieces. We will cover hammer control, running the forge, tapers, drifting, scrolls, forming, and a number of other manipulations of solid steel bars. All skill levels welcome.

TUITION: $320 + FEES: $250
CEUs: 2.4
Wed   6:00-9:00PM  1/31-3/21  Room: 505  8 Weeks

John Huckins is a professional Metalsmith in Portland Maine. After receiving his BFA in Metalsmithing from MECA he was recruited to the top metal arts program in the country, State University of New York at New Paltz, where he received his masters degree. After school Huckins received a slew of fellowships, residencies, and apprenticeships focusing in blacksmithing and metal fabrication. In 2015 John moved back to Portland to join a shop with another metalworker and start his own business. In the last two years he has been involved in a number of great projects involving sculpture, historic restoration, architectural metalwork, functional objects, and even a cameo in a Smithsonian documentary.

SUPPLIES: Students need to wear natural fibre clothing (no polyester, rayon, nylon etc- including shoes), ear protection, safety glasses, leather gloves and a good attitude.

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