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CSC 138-W19 | Steel Fabrication

CSC 138-W19 | Steel Fabrication

Tues, 6-9PM, 1/15-3/19, 10 weeks, Room: 505

Maximum Enrollment: 10 LBS

Course Description

Students will learn how to safely use the tools in the metal/ foundry area while also developing a critical voice about their work, and the work of others. A priority of the class is that each student is trained on the equipment and feel comfortable in the metal shop. The machinery that will be taught in this class includes; MIG welder, plasma cutter, miter saw, propane torch, drill press, spot welder, band saw as well as multiple types of hand tools such as grinders and dremels. Classes will include demos, technical assignments, design projects, exposure to artworks that are diverse in scale, concept, traditional, and contemporary forms.

TUITION: $300 + FEES: $50

Jacq Luca received her BFA in Sculpture from The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and graduated with her MFA from Maine College of Art in 2018. Luca has recently shown her work in Space Galleries Bring.Your.Own.Beamer New Media Show and has exhibited work at the New Bedford Art Museum.


  • When arriving to class, please be sure you are wearing the proper gear and attire such as the following: Long jeans that cover laces on shoes, closed toe shoes (if you have steel toe that is great, if not please wear some type of sneaker/boot), short sleeve or long sleeve shirt (nothing that is loose fitting). Also be sure that you are not wearing any long jewelry: no bracelets, large rings, necklaces or long earrings. If you have long hair, hair must be tied back as well.
  • Safety glasses, welding jackets/helmets, ear plugs, and gloves will be provided.
  • No headphones or music will be permitted during this class because of safety reasons.
  • Jacq will be reviewing all of this on the first day of class and will be happy to answer any questions.
  • Shop tools and materials for each project will be provided for the class.
  • Students may purchase extra material depending on their project/idea.

This course has reached maximum enrollment.

Wait lists are available by calling our office.

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