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CPT 056-W18 | Painting for Travelers

CPT 056-W18 | Painting for Travelers

Sat + Sun 9:00-4:00PM 1/13-1/14 Room: 402

Maximum Enrollment: 12 LBS

Course Description

This workshop is designed to help students feel comfortable painting on site, recording their adventures, and traveling efficiently with art supplies by plane, bus, car or foot. Students will learn best practices for traveling with materials and landscape painting exercises. This workshop is open to both beginners and advanced students.

TUITION: $220 + FEES: $10
CEUs: 1.4
Sat + Sun | 9:00-4:00PM | 1/13-1/14 | Room: 402

Adeline was born in 1953 in Paris France and in the seventies trained in New York City at the Art Students League with Robert Beverly Hale, Marshall Glassier, Joseph Hirsch and Norman Lewis. For more than 30 years her work has been exhibited in both Europe and the US. In addition, Adeline also conducts Painting workshops in Provence, France.


Bring your painting supplies. If you have never painted or have questions please email Adeline at adeline6@me.com

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