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CPH 001-W18 | Photography Open Studio

CPH 001-W18 | Photography Open Studio

Sun 9:00-12:00PM 1/28-4/8 Room: 409 . 11 Weeks

Maximum Enrollment: 12 LBS

Course Description

Develop your images in MECA's state of the art darkroom every Sunday for eleven weeks. Prereqisite: B+W MECA photography course or permission from MECA's photography technician to enroll in this open studio.

TUITION: $260 + FEES: $40
CEUs: n/a
Sun  9:00-12:00PM  1/28-4/8  Room: 409 . 11 Weeks

Katie Fagan Merrow earned her BFA degree in Photography at Maine College of Art and is a working photographer designer based in Portland.

Students must supply their own materials, excluding chemistry.

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