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CPD 015-W18 | The Fine Art of Living and Dying in a BOX!

CPD 015-W18 | The Fine Art of Living and Dying in a BOX!

Sat 9-4pm 3/17 Room: 209

Maximum Enrollment: 12 LBS

Course Description

Build and embellish your own cremation urn. Not quite ready? A simple pine box holds ashes of your favorite pet, a loved one long passed, or plan ahead and design your own. Paint, fabric, decoupage or photomontage personalize this holder of cremains for later (or use it as a cookie jar now!). We'll spend the day talking about death/dying, of what to do with these precious bodies when they no longer serve us, and of paperwork needed in Maine for easy home funerals. Exploring age-old traditions and global customs we‰'ll travel the globe and be inspired to see the varied arts that celebrate death and dying.

TUITION: $80 + FEES: $20
CEUs: n/a
Sat  9-4pm  3/17  Room: 209

Gina Colombatto is a Health Educator and Integrated Thanatology Counselor, which means she studies all things related to life and death and knows that gathering people to play together is good for the body, mind and spirit. Gina has envisioned and developed community art, worked with students of all ages, and continues to facilitate Death Cafes. Chuck Lakin is a Woodworker and Home Funeral Educator, whose interest in this topic came from his experience at his father‰'s death. Without the knowledge and information about the options he had, he felt he missed out. Now, his goal is to share information needed to make informed plans and decisions before death, for a meaningful and smooth transition.


Supplies will be provided. Students are encouraged to bring any photos, fabrics, collage items, a nourishing lunch and a water bottle, or cup for tea.

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