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CFS 050-W18 | Sewing for Creatives

CFS 050-W18 | Sewing for Creatives

Tues 6:00-8:00PM 3/13-4/3 Room: 508

Maximum Enrollment: 10 LBS

Course Description

Do you have a sewing project that you started, but got lost along the way? Perhaps you are hoping to incorporate sewing into your practice? Maybe you need a little guidance to work out the next steps. This course is designed for just that. Bring your sewing projects and learn basic to advanced sewing skills and problem solving techniques. Students are encouraged to set their own project goals and timeline. The instructor will be available for instruction, presentations, and demos. Students may also use this time to focus on techniques demonstrated by the instructor and to make samples and hone their skills.

TUITION: $150 + FEES: $25
CEUs: n/a
Tues  6:00-8:00PM  3/13-4/3  Room: 508

Rosie Allard has been teaching children's and adult art classes in the Portland area since 2012. Focusing mostly on textile based arts and sewing courses, she is happiest when working with fibers and fabric! Rosie graduated from Maine College of Art with a Bachelor's in Textile and Fashion Design and currently teaches in the BFA foundations department as well as Pre College. She is passionate about sustainability, art education and our connection to sewn arts. When not teaching she enjoys working on her knitting machine and sewing and designing clothing.

SUPPLIES: Sewing machine, desired fabrics/materials/projects, thread, pins, scissors, tape measure, seam ripper

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