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CFA 054-F18 | Natural Dye Workshop

CFA 054-F18 | Natural Dye Workshop

Sat , 9/29, 9AM-4PM, Room: 209

Maximum Enrollment: 10 LBS

Course Description

Ayurvastra is an ayurvedic healing technique that originated in India and is still used there today as a main medical practice. The process consists of dyeing cloth with herbs. The plants medicinal qualities that are soaked into the cloth for healing purposes. Plants like turmeric, weld, madder root, logwood, St Johns Wort, indigo, sumac, calendula, osage, goldenrod, horsetail and so many more are used in this practice. This workshop will explore medicinal benefits of plants, their dye properties, and how they can protect and heal our bodies when soaked into natural fibers that we wear. We will forage, play with color, and dye fabric, yarn, or off white clothes that will benefit our well being.

TUITION: $75 + fees: $40
CEUs: n/a

Allysun West is a medicinal dye based textile designer in Portland, Maine. She completed her BFA in Textiles and Fashion from the Maine College of Art, where she began working with the notion of healing garments.


  • 4 yards of linen, cotton, wool, or silk fabric, or the equivalent in yarn or old clothes. I suggest going to goodwill and finding sweaters, pants, shirts, or even old bedsheets.

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