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CDR 030-F | Imaginary Worlds

CDR 030-F | Imaginary Worlds

Sat+Sun 9-4pm 11/4-11/5 Room: 209

Maximum Enrollment: 12 LBS

Course Description

Imagine creating a visual world where symbols and imagery communicate a hidden meaning or story. In Imaginary Worlds, students will work to develop a catalog of symbols and meanings to be used to create narratives with depth. Many renaissance artists created symbolic art based upon myth and legion. As time has passed, many of the allegories in older paintings have been lost to the modern world. We’ll look at symbolism in art throughout history and the implied meanings and work on creating personal dictionaries. We will develop symbols and imagery to incorporate into future work, where the implied meanings may describe a much different narrative than the initial impression perceived. 

TUITION: $220 + FEES: $20
CEUs: 1.4

Kimberly Convery lives and works in Portland Maine. Her work focuses on implied landscapes and perceptions of reality. Simplicity created by over complexity. Kimberly has a studio in SPACE Studios above the incredible contemporary art space SPACE Gallery. She has shown locally and regionally as well traveled for residencies to make prolific amounts of work. kimberlyconveryart.com


  • Sketchbook
  • Favorite drawing / writing implements
  • Personal curiosity items (objects, photos, notes about dreams or memories, etc)
  • A container (bag or box) for holding materials generated during class

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