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CCT 110-S19-1 | Video Art : Practical + Digital Effects

CCT 110-S19-1 | Video Art : Practical + Digital Effects

Wed 6-9PM 6/5-6/26, 4 weeks, Room: 303

Maximum Enrollment: 10 LBS

Course Description

In this video art class, students will be taught the basics of video editing on Adobe Premiere. Students will learn how to cut, edit, animate parts of their video and basic green screen techniques. The projects that are provided will prompt students to use practical effects that can then be further manipulated by digital effects. The goal of this class is to teach video techniques, both practical and digital, and how these effects can aid to the overall final video.

TUITION: $225 + FEES: $10
CEUs: 1.2

Jacq Luca received her BFA in Sculpture from The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and graduated with her MFA from Maine College of Art in 2018. Luca has recently shown her work in Space Galleries Bring.Your.Own.Beamer New Media Show and has exhibited work at the New Bedford Art Museum.


  • Any device that can record video (phone, camera, video camera, webcam, laptop, iPod etc.)

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