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CCE 115-S18-1 | Wheelthrowing Ceramics

CCE 115-S18-1 | Wheelthrowing Ceramics

Mon, 6/4-7/9, 6-9PM, Room 510

Maximum Enrollment: 12 LBS

Course Description

Students will explore the mid-range temperature of cone 6, and firing work in electric kilns. Mid-range clays and glazes are popular for their color, similar feel to high-fire work, and adaptability to most electric kilns. Instruction to include wheel throwing and surface techniques. For beginner and intermediate students.

TUITION: $260 + FEES: $45
CEUs: 1.8

Jess Teesdale is a full time studio potter living and working in Portland, ME. She received her BFA from Green Mountain College in Vermont, and started teaching pottery in Oregon in 1997. Jess enjoys the simplicity of design and form. A wise potter once told her, ‰ÛÏIt takes many years to become truly centered, and many more to make your work look uncentered.‰Û The art of centering crosses over to all areas of life, but begins with the spinning wheel.


  • notebook
  • apron
  • towel
  • preferred personal clay tools if you have them
  • All other tools/brushes will be talked about during the first class

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