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CBA 163-S19-1 | Arabic Calligraphy (Thuluth Style)

CBA 163-S19-1 | Arabic Calligraphy (Thuluth Style)

Sat 9AM-12PM 6/8-7/6, 5 weeks, Room: 508

Maximum Enrollment: 8 LBS

Course Description

Thuluth is a cursive script of Arabic calligraphy and it's large and elegant. Various calligraphy styles evolved from thuluth through slight changes of form. In this class students will explore the American painter Franz Kline and Thuluth calligraphy. Students will get hands on experience in the fascinating skills of thuluth script, learn the history and evolution of this script, all while working on your own art. This workshop is for the novice, experienced artist, and anyone in between who interested in learning something new, beautiful, and marvelous. 

TUITION: $230 + FEES: $10
CEUs: 1.5


Kifah Abdulla is an artist, poet, writer and teacher. Born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq, he is the Arabic calligraphy instructor at CS/MECA, Arabic language instructor at the Language Exchange, founder of the International Arabic Language Day Event in Portland, co- founder of the first Arabic learner website in ME, co- curator of exhibit and project " Migration Experience ", and he often reads his poetry with music accompaniment. Abdulla is involved in many cultural and artistic projects. His recent work is related to Arabic calligraphy as an art form. He is working to harmonize three elements in his work: Arabic alphabet, color, and movement. He is developing his style in the vast space of contemporary art in America. Abdulla lives and work in Portland Maine.


  • Mixed media papers 11"x 14" 50 sheets
  • Waterproof black ink - any kind 2.5 oz
  • Nibs E 3/5 or 1/2
  • Reed pen and left hand LC-0
  • Pencils
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Two paint angled brushes: 1/2" and 3/8"
  • Any medium you prefer: acrylic, gouache, etc.

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