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CBA 160-F | Arabic Calligraphy and Cubism

CBA 160-F | Arabic Calligraphy and Cubism

Thurs 6-8pm 9/28-11/16 Room: 380 Cumberland A-1

Maximum Enrollment: 12 LBS

Course Description

Pablo Picasso once remarked, “I have strived to reach the highest levels of artistic mastery, but I found that Islamic Calligraphy was there ages before I was.” In this workshop we will start with a historical introduction to the Arabic script and the Cubism movement. Students will start by practicing with geometric Arabic script, and then move into the design of Arabic letters, and their introduction into the canvas in such a way that they harmonize with Cubist-style pieces, receiving help from the teacher as necessary. Students will create a multiplicity of works, using paper and ink, oils and acrylics, and other available materials. Geometric forms are the building blocks for the art traditions in the Cubist school, where geometry is considered the root of all forms. The artists of this tradition used straight and curved lines to create successive cylinders and spheres, as well as square and flat geometric patterns in the negative space surrounding the subject. The object of Cubism is not the focus upon objects, but rather on their independent forms as defined by geometric lines. This understanding of Cubism harmonizes with the Arabic script with its structural geometric forms, which make it universally appealing. Viewers take pleasure in looking at it even without the ability to read the script. This workshop is for art lovers in general, as well as lovers of Cubist art and Arabic script. It is suitable for experienced artists and beginners, and all who love creating and enjoy spending time learning something new.

TUITION: $165 + FEES: $10
CEUs: 1.6

Kifah Abdulla, an artist, poet, activist, soldier, POW, exile, teacher, international citizen. His life experiences, yielding work with the universal themes of love, freedom, hope, fate, passion, and peace. He is interested in Contemporary art, visual arts, sculpture, poetry, interior design, graphic design, illustration, creative ideas and also in science. Abdulla's art work employs different artistic styles to explore social, spiritual, emotional and cultural themes.

Graph/ Gridded papers 8.5" x 11" Tracing papers 11" x 14" Graphite paper: 2 sheets Mixed media papers 11" x 14"/ 50 sheet Pencils/ Ruler/ Eraser Acrylic paint/ and any available medium as Charcoal/ watercolor/ pastel/ colored pencils/and oil color Brush sets: 1", 3/4",1/2",1/4" A stretched canvas 12" x 12"/ and board 9" x 12"

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