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CBA 157-S18-2 | Paul Klee and Naskh Calligraphy

CBA 157-S18-2 | Paul Klee and Naskh Calligraphy

Wed, 6/13-8/1 no class 7/4, 6-8PM,

Maximum Enrollment: 12 LBS

Course Description

Paul Klee rejoiced in the vast areas of light when he arrived Tunisia in 1914. He followed the the bright light that runs deep into narrow alleys and crowded markets. His eyes surrendered to the beauty of the islamic architecture and Arabic calligraphy. Naskh calligraphy appeared in the 10th century, the script is world wide among other styles, used in Qur‰Ûªan, official decrees, and private correspondence. Students will work on two themes; First, they will learn and practice the rules of Naskh script; second, they will learn how the Arabic/Islamic art in Tunisia seized Paul Klee and they learn using the Arabic letters as symbols to create artwork inspired by the creativity of Paul Klee. This workshop is for the novice, the experienced artist, and anyone in between who is interested in learning something new, beautiful, and marvelous. Students will receive the curriculum on the first day of the course.

TUITION: $225 + FEES: $10
CEUs: 1.4

Kifah Abdulla, an artist, poet, activist, soldier, POW, exile, teacher, international citizen. His life experiences, yielding work with the universal themes of love, freedom, hope, fate, passion, and peace. He is interested in Contemporary art, visual arts, sculpture, poetry, interior design, graphic design, illustration, creative ideas and also in science. Abdulla's art work employs different artistic styles to explore social, spiritual, emotional and cultural themes.


  • Mixed media papers 9"x 12‰" or 11‰" x 14" / 50 Sheets
  • Waterproof black Ink/ Calligraphy Higgins or any kind 2.5 oz
  • Nips E 3/5 or 1/2, reed pen, and left hand LC-0
  • Pencils, ruler, eraser, etc
  • Any available medium: acrylic, gouache, etc
  • Two paint angled brushes: 1/2" and 3/8"

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