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CBA 025-I | Sampler: Paper, Fiber, Print + Stitch

CBA 025-I | Sampler: Paper, Fiber, Print + Stitch

Mon-Fri 9-4pm 1/8-12 Room: 209

Maximum Enrollment: 12 LBS

Course Description

Traditional embroidered samplers displayed the makers’ repertoire of stitches and their design and lettering skills. Think of this workshop as a sampler – a place and time to explore the possibilities of combining paper with textiles to create unique tactile work. Think of hybrids and cross-pollination – how can materials and methods be combined and adapted to become more than the sum of their parts? Activities and demonstrations will include laminating paper and fabric together, printing images onto fabric and paper, machine and hand stitching, spinning paper thread, methods of transferring images and text onto fabric and paper, and more as time and interest allows. Participants will have time to investigate demonstrated techniques and materials on their own, to make personal discoveries and connections for their own work.

TUITION: $330 + FEES: $25
CEUs: 3.5

Crystal Cawley makes sculpture, artist’s books, and works on and off paper, including hand sewing and embroidery. She has exhibited her work throughout the United States and in England. Her work is in many public collections around the US and she was the recipient of a Pollock-Krasner Foundation grant in 2005, as well as grants from the Maine Arts Commission in 2004 and 2010.

Awl Variety of sewing, embroidery, tapestry, and craft needles Needle threader (if you need one) Hole punch Metal straight edge of some kind (ruler, triangle, whatever you usually use) X-acto or similar knife and blades Scissors (two pairs if your finicky like me: one pair for thread and fabric and the other for paper) Muslin fabric Thread: sewing thread for the machines, heavier stuff for hand sewing Embroidery threads: DMC floss, Perle Cotton, etc Yarn, thin ribbon, etc Lightweight flexible wire 9x12 paid of tracing paper Any paper you want to use (new paper, things you’ve already printed, old book pages, etc) Fabric Scraps Japanese screw punch* and bits OR rubber mallet and punch set* Portable sewing machine* and needles *starred items are only if you already have them – it will help to have more then my two or three of these things.

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