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CAM 020-W19 | Animation: Character Rigging

CAM 020-W19 | Animation: Character Rigging

Sat , 9AM-1PM, 3/9, Room: 289

Maximum Enrollment: 12 LBS

Course Description

Rick & Morty, Archer, and South Park all have completely different design styles, but share in common the use of rigs for their characters. A character rig is the foundation of character movement in an animation, and students will design, rig, and animate a simple character in After Effects with the help of a small, free plugin called DuIK. By the end of this course, students will have an understanding of the puppet tool, basic expressions, shapes, walk cycles in animation and what a complex sounding term like "inverse kinematics" means.

CEUs: n/a

Joe Presser is a webby and shorty nominated animator for brands, bands, non-profits and news networks alike. His online animated series for NBC News, Seeker & New York Magazine tackle microscopic malevolence through hand-drawn globules and the way algorithms control our everyday lives in a flat-vector style among many others. He constantly looks for ways to manipulate massive and miniscule ideas into bite-sized, easily consumable information for experts and everyman alike.

Notebook, pen and a flash drive to save work.

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